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The path to Salesforce Licence Optimisation 

The process of salesforce licence optimisation (SLO) requires a unique set of skills and lies at the key intersection between the commercial, partner, architectural and business functions within your organisation. However, with no one of these groups "owning" the problem but all having a stake in the outcome, the process often becomes extremely fraught and drawn out. Each of these functions will have their own goals in the process e.g. commercial may want the lowest cost, architecture is looking for the best technical outcome both for Salesforce and the wider technical ecosystem and the business wants all of their problems fixed by the solution.  









Aequus provides that key leadership and facilitation role between all of these functions to help your organisation get to the "right" outcome. By using our unique blend of commercial, architectural and business skills combined with our in-depth knowledge of salesforce licensing we provide that key leadership role between these areas to help educate, facilitate and drive the SLO process to the right conclusion at the right time for your organisation. This is true whether at the beginning of a project, at the point of renewal, within a major transformational change or with assistance that is geared towards more high level advice and governance.

The goal of the Aequus approach is to strategically manage and align your organisation's usage or proposed usage of it's Salesforce licenses to ensure maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance. This will involve assessing your organisation's Salesforce ecosystem, understanding the user roles and evaluating your licensing needs and requirements to match them with the appropriate license types, subscriptions, and editions.

The SLO process aims to eliminate redundancies, avoid unnecessary costs, and ensure that your organisation has the right combination of licenses to support its business processes now and in the future. Additionally, the process may involve adapting your licensing structure to changing business requirements and ensuring that your organisation only pays for the licenses it actively needs.

By engaging with Aequus, your organisation can enhance user productivity, reduce overall licensing expenses, and maintain compliance with Salesforce agreements, while at the same time maximising the value derived from your Salesforce investment.

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Roles in salesforce licence optimisation process
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