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Licence Optimisation-Renewals and Complexity

If you have been up and running with your Salesforce implementation for a few years you will eventually find that you need to "right size" your licensing. This may be triggered by an upcoming renewal, or simply because things have become unwieldy and too complex to manage both commercially and technically. 


Optimising can be for cost or simplification drivers (or both). If you have more than one Salesforce "org", then there may be value in merging orgs and contracts. If you have a single org then it may be time to consider splitting orgs. The question of "Org Strategy" is handled as a separate service from Aequus, please click here for more information.  

The Salesforce optimisation engagement with Aequus will involve a comprehensive assessment of your Salesforce ecosystem, focusing on user roles, licences, editions, data utilisation, and integrations, combined with your existing technical and commercial landscape and a focus on the future use cases for Salesforce. 

With a clear eye on the required outcomes for your organisation and the engagement, the assessment will provide you with the key areas for improvement. The benefits will include both cost improvements and complexity reduction through the identification of redundant or non optimised licences, increased productivity via optimised user roles and process automation, and enhanced overall performance across your business functions. 

Please contact us to have a discussion as to your specific problems and how we may be able to help.

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