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Licence Optimisation- Project Initiation

When you start out with an idea or a problem, progress to a business case and then finally a software project you will eventually have to deal with the difficult problem of software licensing, and this is certainly the case with Salesforce. 

Salesforce has a reasonably high level of complexity and with numerous acquisitions and the organic growth of the platform, this has only increased in recent years. 

There are multiple questions to answer - Which clouds do you need? What licence types, subscriptions, editions or add-ons, Which variation of contract terms and conditions ? and then what is the impact of the different duration options ?. 

Finding the right set of answers for your organisation requires a unique combination of skills involving moving between and across the commercial, technical, legal and analysis functions of your organisation to facilitate the "right" answer. The ownership of licence optimisation lies in that key intersection between the internal areas of procurement, project leadership, architecture and business analysis and this is the area where Aequus excels. 

If you are finished with your analysis cycle and about to enter into procurement and negotiations to purchase licencing then please contact us.

Salesforce licence areas that require consideration:

  1.  Clouds - e.g. Salesforce Core, Industry, Marketing Cloud, Mulesoft etc

  2.  Editions - e.g. Profesional, Enterprise, Unlimited

  3.  Licence Types and RULs - e.g ServiceCloud, Platform, Community, Industry, etc

  4.  Add ons - e.g. shield, premier support, sandboxes etc

  5.  Support models and contractual durations

  6.  Org strategies and their implications- i.e  single, multi, and hybrid 

Please contact us, we would love to talk to you about how we can help



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